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Critical Praise For Arden

"Arden swept me away with a satire of investigative true crime podcasts, when two investigators go looking for the answers to the case of Julie Capsom, who disappeared ten years prior. It subverts both true crime and parodies of them at one time and is a much needed look at what it means to put victims and their lives on full display." - Elena Fernandez-Collins, "Best in Podcasting 2018"

"True crime has become a growingly popular genre in the last few years, which means that several different comedic takes have popped up. What makes Arden special is that it does this and also adds commentary to the discussion of the morality of the genre itself." - Eddie Feeley, Discover Pods

"It’s as gruesome as it is refreshing. Subverting tropes and peppering mystery with comedic high notes, Arden is adept at surrounding its audience with a narrative that is captivating and deserving of a proper celebration." - Becca James, The AV Club

"Who would have thought that a murder mystery comedy podcast narrated in an investigative true crime style would be so compelling, so funny, and yet so emotionally true all at the same time?...this is my top pick for the independently funded podcast of the year." - Joshua Dudley, Forbes "The Best Ten New Podcasts of the Year"

"Arden is a raw and honest look at the ethics of the true crime genre. Christoper Dole, Sara Ghaleb, and Todd VanDerWerff do an incredible job building a story that keeps the listener in suspense, while also questioning why these are stories that we gravitate towards, whose stories we look at, and the harm these stories cause those in the vicinity of it." - Drew, The Podcast Dragon

"Arden is a true crime satire that’s also a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet, after the events of the play have passed. The jokes in early episodes were enough to land it on this list, but its final two episodes are so beautiful, I was left reeling." - Wil Williams, Wil Williams Writes "2018's Best in Podcasts"

"Arden Podcast is an enthralling murder mystery that has ample humor and a dynamic cast that will leave you wanting more at the end of every episode. Do yourself a favor and download and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts." - Alex Telander, Podern Times

"But what really makes Arden work is how much it surprises you... It's a deep dive into the mindset of journalists and cops, an examination of institutionalized corruption, a story about a billionaire who wants to commodotize marmosets and a romance. Endless tone shifts are carried off with ease and the season ending is a note-perfect landing." - Alasdair Stewart, The Full Lid

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