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Arden is a comedic mystery audio drama created, produced, and written by Chris Dole, Sara Ghaleb, and Emily VanDerWerff.


"It’s as gruesome as it is refreshing. Subverting tropes and peppering mystery with comedic high notes, Arden is adept at surrounding its audience with a narrative that is captivating and deserving of a proper celebration." - Becca James, The AV Club

"The writing is light on its feet with dialogue but rich in purpose and storytelling. The way it balances humor, characters that verge on allegorical, and its own plot is a note parodies or pastiches of any medium should be taking notes on."

- Wil Williams, Discover Pods

"my top pick for the independently funded podcast of the year"

- Joshua Dudley, Forbes


Arden's first season consists of twelve episode which released weekly, with one one-week break. Between seasons several minisodes will be available over Patreon. Season 2 is currently in the works.


Arden is appropriate for teens and older. Profanity is bleeped out in season one, but not in season two. The series deals with mature themes such as death, violence, mental health, and sexual assault

The Story

10 years ago, starlet Julie Capsom ran her car off the road and vanished, leaving behind a male torso in her trunk. Now by-the-books reporter Bea Casely and unconventional detective Brenda Bentley find themselves working together on a new podcast, “Arden”, to finally solve this bizarre case – a podcast that soon becomes equally dedicated to Bea and Brenda’s fiery working relationship. Can Bea and Brenda solve the case without adding another death to the Capsom Case Curse? Join us, won’t you, on Arden.

The Cast

Michelle Agresti as Bea Casely
Tracey Sayed as Brenda Bentley
Shannon Estabrook as Rosalind Ursula
Benjamin Watts as Wheyface Announcer
Charlita Gason as Pamela Pink
Lindsay Zana as Julie Capsom

Ensemble members:
Lindsay Seim
Robert Fleet
Mia Drake
John Rael
Grant Patrizio

Guest stars:

Kirk Novak

Jay Lee

Julia Morizawa

Contact/Social Media

Contact/Social Media


instagram: @ArdenPod

twitter: @ArdenPod



For access to screeners of upcoming episodes, please email

For access to screeners of upcoming episodes, please email

The Show

Back in 2016 longtime podcaster Emily pitched her writing partner, Chris, the idea "Serial meets Moonlighting" and as a lifelong audio drama fan Chris was sold. Then they brought it to a comedy writer, Sara, who still does not know what Moonlighting is but was just happy to be included. Then they started making it and realized that if they made Bruce Willis a lesbian it would make everything better and they were right. Thus was Arden born.

The Crew

Created, Written, and Produced by Emily VanDerWerff, Christopher Dole, & Sara Ghaleb

Additional Writing: Libby Hill
Audio Engineer: Elizabeth Aubert
Sound Editing by Christina Holleran, Linus Edwards, and Bridge Keen
Music composed by Chris Hatfield
Logo designed by Dylan Farr

How to Listen

How To Support

Arden has a Patreon here

Arden has a Patreon here

Download Press Kit Here:

Download Press Kit Here:

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