Michelle Agresti is a Los Angeles-based actress from New Jersey. You can hear her as Dr. Alana Maxwell on the Webby nominated audio-drama podcast "Wolf359," and more recently, you can hear her as Jessi on the audio-drama podcast "Hit The Bricks." She has also popped up occasionally on podcasts such as "The Far Meridian" and "StarTripper." She has appeared in various short films, webseries, and stage plays, including a brief stint as a Pet Fashion Correspondent for a show about dogs, and you can find out more info about her on her website,  You can find out too much info about her on instagram @michelle_agresti and on twitter @michellevelyna. 

TRACEY SAYED (Brenda Bentley)

Tracey Sayed is an Actress and Director, ARDEN marks her podcast debut, and she is beyond thrilled to have worked with such an incredibly talented and funny cast and crew.   She currently in post-production on her film BLACK, WHITE, and BLUE, and you can expect it to be hitting the festival circuit next year.   You may have also seen her in PARTNERS on FX with her favorite comedian, Martin Lawrence, she can be seen on  RESIDENT ADVISORS for HULU, and was cast in THE THUNDERMANS for Nickelodeon. People say, “You must have been the class clown.” And she says, “No, I wasn't. But I sat next to the class clown, and I studied him.”

Lastly, Mom and Dad, you're never going to see this, but THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Employee of Wheyface Industries. One of the Good People.


Improv performer. TV and film actress. Filmmaker. World Traveler. Romantic. Brit Pop Devotee.  

BEN WATTS (Andy Wheyface)

BENJAMIN WATTS is an actor and voiceover artist currently killing it in Los Angeles. Originally from Perth, Australia moved to LA, because he is an actor AND THAT’S WHAT YOU DO, OKAY?! Being mildly defensive you may have seen he sharing a drink on NBC’s The Good Place or stealing Christmas as the Grinch at Universal Studios Hollywood.

  • Once spoke to God but was bitterly disappointed at how Pun-Heavy his material was

  • "Freaky Fridays" at least twice a year

  • Found a treasure map on the back of the [REDACTED] and is putting together a team of Harrison Ford and Nicholas Cage look-a-likes

Instagram: @BennyWatts

Twitter: @BennyWatts

MIA DRAKE (Lorena Christopher/Ensemble)

Thrilled to be part of this new podcast and loves the challenge of providing new and interesting characters throughout this series. Mia has a background in theater in Chicago and Los Angeles, and has a growing list of short film credits along with the small film, Slumdog Millionaire. She grew up on four continents, moved 19 times and is the mother of two teenagers, Oz and Tess.

LINDSAY ZANA (Julie Capsom)

From Shakespeare to modern-day mysteries, Lindsay has always had a passion for storytelling. She’s excited to get to help bring Arden to life with such a great team of people. Along with acting, Lindsay can be found editing podcasts, working on her own VO projects, or singing with the acapella group Top Shelf Vocal. She was most recently seen performing "This is Me" on the 90th Oscars Ceremony with Keala Settle (look for the red mohawk!) 
If you’d like to hear more, Lindsay can be heard as “Baldy” in the actual-play Shadowrun podcast, CritSquad, on the Shortwave Radio Podcast network. Visit for more!

ROBERT FLEET (Gerald Abernathy/Robert Capsom/Ensemble)

Robert Fleet is an actor, writer and director, best known for his roles in Player (2012), Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar (2011) and as a regular on Season 3 of Video Game High School.  He is the writer/director of Last Mountain (Director's Cut 2017) and The Friends of Harry (1995). He is also credited as "Robert C. Fleet" as the author of several novels (Salt City, Last Mountain, etc.) and screenplays (Player, The First Person, etc.). He is married to director/producer Alina Szpak and is the father of visual effects creative director Stephan Szpak-Fleet (Timeless, Iron Fist, Extant, Under The Dome, etc.). As a voice actor, he has provided the narration to dozens of documentaries and countless (usually forgettable) commercials, though recent proud work has been the British commercial "We Are Camels" and the bio-ad for the DJ Marshmello. He has also happily done the voices for animated dragons, wizards, cauliflowers and Lego villains.

LINDSAY SEIM (Natalie Thomas/Ensemble)

Nebraska native Lindsay Seim is an actress and writer, best known for roles in James Wan's Insidious: Chapter 2, Darren Lynn Bousman's (Saw II-IV) St. Agatha, indie drama Blackbird (Monique, Isaiah Washington), and two-time Academy Award-winner Janusz Kaminski's Russian mafia thriller American Dream. Seim has also guest starred on Adult Swim's Decker, NBC's The Event, and stars in upcoming horror/sci-fi feature Befall alongside Michael Madsen. Lindsay Seim has worked extensively both commercially and onstage in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and the Midwest, most notably in her L.A. Stage Alliance Ovation Award-nominated performance in Rose Martula's Salsa Saved the Girls, and the award-winning premiere production of Spirit Wheel at the Los Angeles Fringe Festival. Seim has been honored as a Distinguished Alumnus of her alma mater, the University of Nebraska Lincoln's Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, and is an ongoing member of Anthony Meindl's master class.

GRANT PATRIZIO (Kail McPherson/Ensemble)

Grant Patrizio is a bit of a character, and always has been. While having a background in theatre, he has been involved with a wide variety of productions spanning theatre, film, animation, and video games. Recent voice acting highlights include Tail in ZeldaUniverseTV’s recent Manga Dub for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and narrating audiobooks for LearningAlly. In addition to this show, he's also a performer in Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery, a dinner theater/improv show. He's thrilled to be employed with Wheyface Industries, as he knows how good the people are. 

JOHN RAEL (Vince Volio/Ensemble)

John Rael is the producer/lead kicker of the series You can often find him filming at Raleigh studios and drinking espresso on Larchmont in Hollywood. 

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With Special Guest Stars

KIRK NOVAK as Senator Cliff Upjohn

You may know him from The Burbs at The Ruby LA or the web series Dicks.

JAY LEE as Ralph Montgomery

You may know him from American Vandal

JULIA MORIZAWA as Kathleen Weir Capsom

You may know her from The Bright Sessions and The Big Loop