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BRENDA BENTLEY (played by Tracey Sayed)

Brenda is co-host of Arden and a private detective. She used to be a cop in Eureka, CA and was there on the scene when Julie Capsom's car was found. She is opinionated, stubborn, and reckless.

BEA CASELY (played by Michelle Agresti)

The co-host of Arden and a diligent radio journalist. Bea was the first reporter on the scene when Julie disappeared back when Bea was an intern in Eureka, CA. She's passionate, driven, and a bit of a snob, to be honest.  

JULIE CAPSOM (played by Lindsay Zana)

The missing girl. Born into wealth and fame Julie was destined for greatness. She was already an accomplished actress  before she finished college. Then she disappeared without a trace. 


Depending on who you ask Ralph was either a lovestruck kid who fell victim to a gruesome end, or a troubled stalker and killer. No one living knows for sure.

PAMELA PINK (played by Charlita Gaston)

The producer of Arden and many other shows at Wheyface Radio. A sensible women just trying to get through the chaos this show has brought into her life.

ROSALIND URSULA (played by Shannon Estabrook)

Brenda's assistant who takes on the roles of both private investigator and radio host when Brenda is otherwise occupied. 

ANDY WHEYFACE (played by Ben Watts)

Man of mystery! Owner of Arden and Wheyface Radio and Wheyface Industries, and probably everything else you can name.

NATALIE THOMAS (played by Lindsay Seim)

Julie Capsom's best friend. They grew up together in Beverly Hills together.

VINCE VOLIO (played by John Rael)

Vince was friends with Ralph Montgomery and Mark Bolt at UCLA. He maintain's Ralph'

GERALD ABERNATHY (played by Robert Fleet)

Gerald is the last person to see Julie Capsom alive. A drifter with an unlikely theory about what happened to Julie he was an obvious suspect. No one has seen or heard from him since 2008.

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